Kalmes Restaurant History

Great Grandpa’s Sausage

My great grandparents came over from Luxembourg in about 1840. Great grandpa brought along his skills of sausage making that has been passed on down through five generations.

We still make Kraut (Luxemburgers called it Tripen) sausage every year and serve it in our restaurant during all the Luxembourg events at St. Donatus, IA and the sausage is also on the menu—of course we always run out. February we make our new batch.

Great Grandpa’s pork sausage is such a big hit at the restaurant and with so many people wanting to buy some—we decided to market it. You can now buy the pork sausage at our store here.

Peter and Anna Kalmes

Windy and his son Jim showing off Grandpa Kalmes’ sausage which is served at their resturant.

Ready to serve you—is Windy standing behind the
150 year old bar that Grandpa Kalmes
brought from Luxembourg.

Our restaurant/store is celebrating 43 years—starting with my dad.

Windy Kalmes

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